About ili lusso

Fragrance IS Powerful and Transporting

A scent is like an embedded memory, it can transport you to another time, place, a vivid memory or a person. Our goal is to transform your home into a soothing, inviting, sanctuary.

We take great pride with our all natural ingredients that we expertly blend with no additives, dyes or any nonsense.

ili lusso hand crafts each of our products in the Northern California Forest in a very small town.  Each scent has been inspired by our surroundings of the forest.  We make each candle in small batches, by hand, there are no big machines, no assembly lines, just passion for our Brand and our love to share what we do. Our candles last long and burn clean.

Sharing our high-end, quality and luxury candles, lotions, linen & room sprays and dry oil body sprays with you is our privilege, passion and joy. 

lusso means "Luxury" in Italian.  The noun is il lusso, but is pronounced with the ili...  So, ili lusso was born.

Embrace the allure of the flickering candle light and the scents that take you on a journey.

Thank you for visiting us and enjoy life's journey...